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Raise your kids in the same area, hold on to your memories
Love where you live, you want your kids to be raised in the same area or hold on to your memories, Brilliant Homes knockdown and rebuild process is stress free.

Throughout our many years of building brand new homes in Sydney, we have found that an increasing number of clients are recognising the benefits of building where their old house now stands.

If you love your neighbourhood and existing block but want a new home crafted by our prestige home builders, hold on to your location, and your memories, by having Brilliant Homes knock down your old house and rebuild a stunning new home.

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Many people do not realise that home rebuilding is often more cost-effective than extensions or major renovations.

The project managers and home developers at Brilliant Homes have invaluable experience in knocking down and removing various structures prior to rebuilding. And because we specialise in building new homes by design for narrow and sloping blocks, we also know the safest and most economical way to provide this knockdown and rebuild service even on the most difficult building site.

Contact us today on 1300 975 350 and speak to one of our home developers in Sydney about building a house on your block of land after safely clearing any existing structure. With Brilliant Homes, your vision comes to life!

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It is important to deal with experts when it comes to Custom Home Renovations and Knockdown Rebuilds. Brilliant Homes has the right experience and is dedicated to great customer service. Before you make your big decision, come and see us for a discussion about your plans and designs of your new home.