The children have left, retirement is looming, or you want the extend family living together, or the kids in their own space, or simply realize a return of your investment.  We can help you convert your existing home into a duplex, dual living home or even into a mutli unit dwelling if your land site is large enough.  Today, some of our clients are knocking down their old homes to make way for a duplex – rent one and live in the other, Dual Living with an attached granny flat – rent one and live in the other, and Multi Unit Dwellings like townhouses. Ask us how we can help.

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Duplex – Telopea

Multi Units – Werrington

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It is important to deal with experts when it comes to Custom Home Renovations and Knockdown Rebuilds. Brilliant Homes has the right experience and is dedicated to great customer service. Before you make your big decision, come and see us for a discussion about your plans and designs of your new home.