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Our family, helping other families renovate their homes

Renovating or adding another level to your current home can be a very rewarding and at the same time a daunting experience. Rewarding because it can add enormous value to your wonderful home and at the same time give you more valuable space to enjoy those great weekend BBQ's with friends and family or just more room for kids to play.

Or if you just might like to have more room to entertain guests in larger formal surroundings?

We say daunting because if you choose the wrong builders for your additions or renovations, It can become a nightmare, which instead of giving you and your family pleasure and excitement in led light bulbs for home renovating your beautiful home can cause you unnecessary stress.

Brilliant Homes are specialists in Home additions and renovations. As a matter of fact our company origins come from this area of design and building. For over 40 years our family has been renovating and adding levels to other family replica watches uk homes. We take great pride in making sure that your vision comes to life.

Whatever your needs Brilliant Homes can design, build and complete your NEW addition or renovation ASAP so you can start sending out those invitations.